Product Introduction

Ultrasound Conductivity Gel Pads


  • Any pole of view resolution
  • Non biological effect
  • Non cross infection-disposable
  • Safe for all probes & transducers
  • Easy to clean-gel pads are solidified
  • Obedient uneven probe & body parts


Available : 

  • Ultrasound Conductivity Gel Pads
  • S: 1.5cm x 9.0cm ( HT-CGPS )
  • M: 2.5cm x 9.0cm ( HT-CGPM )

Application : 

  • Breast area
  • Nipple area
  • Testicles
  • Thyroid
  • Carotid artery
  • Superficial structures

Feature : 

Firmed ultrasound conductivity gel pads, smooth, deolic and biostatic. Hometech CGP is apt to be adapted with outline and hard body parts. Hometech CGP remains in place and does not need support. Has partiality for sensitive area. Use Hometech CGP for quality near-field imaging. Hometech CGP is especially useful when scanning through the difficult nipple area of the breast.

Hometech CGP is perfect for use with all kinds of transducers and probes. Any pole of view resolution is clear and wide.

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