Product Introduction

Features & Functions :

  • Large clear LCD which transmits function situation & operating condition
  • Offers 40 composed programs & 90 Function Modes with a possible 20790 different Combinations
  • Able to store 100 of the user's edited programs by using PC.
  • Special dynamic scan which helps muscles avoid getting used to the stimulation.
  • Can save 750 different therapy data results, date, time & patient's ID.
  • IT can memorize two patient's basic ID making it easier to distinguish the therapy results.
  • With four alarm settings to remind user of daily routines.
  • The unit can be connect to PC to translate all the saved data with RS 232 interface connector.
  • Includes suitable software for Windows 98, 2000 and XP.
  • Data can be transfered from unit to computer and results shown in an easy to read graph.
  • The computer will auto seperate each patients data by reading the user's ID from the unit.

Specifications :

Dimension 225 x 205 x 68;30 (mm)
Weight 850gm (battery included)
Power supply 230V 50Hz (110V AC 60Hz) to DC 9V adaptor or 1.5V(SUM-2)
battery 6 pcs and DC 3V (CR2025) 1 pcs for clock
Channel 4(4CH) independent isolated transformers 
6(6CH) independent isolated transformers
8(8CH) independent isolated transformers
Input current 300mA(4CH); 400mA(6CH); 500mA(8CH)
DC 9V maximum
Output current 0~120mA P to P into 500Ω load
Timer 01~99 mins auto off and continuous
Function mode "A1~9"~"J1~J9" total 90 program modes
On Time : 1...15 seconds
Off Time : 0...10 seconds (11 steps)
Scan Value : ±0~50% adjustable
Scan Type : 7 different types
Combination forms : 20790 different forms
Intensity Level : 20 steps
Pulse Width : 250uS
Rate : 2Hz~150Hz
Program mode "P1~9" total 9 programs
Edit on unit "U1~9" & "L1~L9" total 18 programs
Edit on PC

"00~99" total 100 programs
On Time : 1...19 seconds
Off Time : 0...19 seconds
Scan Value : ±0~50%
Step Cycle : 12
Scan Type : 7 different types
Intensity Level : 20 steps
Pulse Width : 250~500uS
Rate : 1~150Hz

Ramp up 10 seconds (intensity level from "0" to "20" )
LCD display Timer count down/program mode/on time/
off time/rate/scan type/scan level/intensity level
Buzzer 4 different reminders
1.correct single beep attention triple beep
3.mistake continue beep
4.reminder slow single beep

Standard Accessories :

Electrical Stimulator 1
Stimulator Lead Wire 4
Self Adhering Electrode 8
Operating Manual 1
1.5V(SUM-2) Battery 6
Reusable Package 1
AC adaptor(Brand:SCN
Type: 48-090-0600)CE

TENS electrode application areas :

Indicator and Controls :

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