Product Introduction


Specifications : 

Dimension 270 x 184 x 45 (mm)
Weight 514 gm (battery included)
Power supply 230VAC 50Hz (120VAC 60Hz) to DC 9V
adaptor or DC 9V battery 2 pcs
Channel 8 independent isolated transformers
Input current 500mA DC 9V maximum
Output current 0~120mA P to P into 500Ω load
Timer auto off when program default time countdown zero
Pulse form dual phase square wave
Pulse width 90 / 180 / 270 / 360 micro-second
Function mode "A~F" six function areas total 180 default 
program modes
Intensity 20 levels
Ramp up 3 seconds (intensity level from "0" to "20")

time count down / function area / 
program mode / intensity levels

Buzzer 4 different reminders
1. correct single beep 
2. pay attention triple beep
3. mistake continue beep
4. reminder slow single beep

Standard Accessories : 

Electrical Stimulator 1
Stimulator Lead Wire 8
Self Adhering Electrode 16
Operating Manual 1
9V Battery 2
9V DC Adaptor 1
Reusable Package 1


TENS electrode application areas : 


Indicator and Controls : 


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