Product Introduction


Specifications :

Dimension 225 x 205 x 65 (mm)
Weight 850gm (battery included)
Power supply 1.5V battery X 6 PCS or AC/DC 9V/0.6A Adaptor
Channel 2(2CH) independent isolated transformers
6(6CH) independent isolated transformers
Input current 600mA DC 9V maximum
Output current 0~120mA P to P into 500Ω load
Timer 15 minutes auto off
Function mode Selected by push switch "FUNCTION",
P1 two modes rate trainning 2Hz, 5Hz
P2 two modes rate trainning 10Hz, 20Hz
P3 two modes rate trainning 50Hz, 104Hz
P4 two modes rate trainning 70Hz, 127Hz
P5 two modes rate trainning 185Hz, 300Hz

Standard Accessories :

Electrical Stimulator 1
Stimulator Lead Wire 6
Self Adhering Electrode 12
Operating Manual 1
1.5V Battery 6
9V DC Adaptor 1
Reusable Package 1


TENS electrode application areas :


Indicator and Controls: :


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